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Conquest Consulting Software engineering solutions for the global market
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Professional Software Engineering Services

A Full Service Software Engineering Firm
Conquest Consulting is the most experienced, full service software engineering firm providing complete software development solutions to its clients. Our services range from standard software development to the design and development of highly-complex software systems requiring senior level software management and development experience.

Conquest Consulting's list of experience is vast. We offer development services in the following software disciplines:

Microsoft Windows and .NET Software Development
Conquest Consulting are Microsoft .NET experts. We have developed a wide range of Windows-based applications ranging from commercial shrink-wrap programs to complex PC-based control systems in industrial environments. Learn more about our Microsoft Windows and .NET software development services.

Embedded Systems Development/Programming
Conquest also specializes in the development of real-time embedded systems. We have experience developing complete systems ranging from medical devices to flight-critical control systems. Learn more about our embedded systems development and programming services.

Custom Client/Server Database-Driven Solutions
We have vast experience designing and developing client/server and n-tier database-driven solutions. Focusing on .NET technology, Conquest Consulting has developed client/serve based applications ranging from data-driven Web Portals to full-up package tracking systems for major U.S. based delivery companies. Learn more about custom client/server database-driven solutions from Conquest Consulting.

Custom Mobile/Wireless Application Development
Conquest has developed a mobile application solutions for many different industries. We have developed solutions such as custom CMS mobile applications, mobile solutions for field service applications, mobile GPS tracking systems and mobile package delivery solutions. We are now developing custom iPhone applications. Learn more about custom mobile/wireless solutions from our team.

Engineering/IT Staffing Services
If you are looking for staffing solutions, Conquest Consulting recruits and places highly motivated and qualified individuals with expertise in all areas of the IT and engineering disciplines. Learn more about engineering and IT staffing services.

Website Development and Hosting / Internet Marketing
If you are in need of developing a new Website for your company or are in need of search engine optimization services (SEO), visit our Web Division, Conquest Internet Services at

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Conquest Consulting Provides Software Development Services in the Following Areas:

Microsoft Windows/.NET
   Software Development

Embedded Systems

Custom Client/Server
   Database-Driven Solutions

Custom Mobile/Wireless
   Application Development

Engineering and IT Staffing

Website Development and
   Hosting / Internet Marketing


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Contact us at any time to learn more about Conquest Consulting or to discuss your software development needs.


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